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Current Mortgage News

On this episode of CTV Morning Live: Mortgage Minute, host Henry Burris and Frank Napolitano discuss the stress test coming into effect on January 1st, 2018, why the government has implemented these changes and how it will affect qualifying for new mortgages.

This week the team touches on the current housing market in Ottawa and who is affected by the new mortgage rules.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, refinance your current home or just want to get a handle on your finances, budgeting is the first step in the process.

On this week’s episode, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa’s Barb Kramer joins Paul Rushforth and host Steve Gregory to discuss the importance of a pre-approvals and financing waivers with the new rules coming into place and the value of bridge financing.

No one ever thinks when signing a new mortgage that there may be circumstances in the future that may cause them to break their mortgage contract early. In fact, nearly 68% of mortgage are paid off either entirely or replaced by a new mortgage before the end of their term. That’s nearly 68% of people incurring a penalty.

On this episode of CTV Morning Live's Mortgage Minute Frank Napolitano of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa and Wendy Mason of HomEquity Bank join host Annette Goerner to discuss reverse mortgages.

Host Steve Gregory is once again joined by Frank Napolitano and Paul Rushforth on this week’s edition of The Real Estate & Mortgage Show discussing the Ottawa real estate market and the mortgage rate environment.

Lisa Boutilier from Paul Rushforth Real Estate joins Frank and Steve this week to discuss tips for selling your home, the Ottawa market and some of the conditions requested by lenders.

Frank Napolitano joins host Henry Burris on this segment of CTV Morning Live's Mortgage Minute to discuss the 2018 stress test and what that means for consumers.

The mortgage rate environment has changed over the last 18 months and people are often wondering what is the difference and how it applies to them.

This week the group chats about the OSFI rule changes, the importance of a proper pre-approval when looking to purchase a home and October real estate stats.

Paul Taylor, CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada joins the team on this episode to discuss the impact of the OSFI rule changes.